Must have three pharmacology books best for medical students for free Pharmacology is most important element for graduation as a medical professional. Out there, there are number of different pharmacology books available focusing different parts of drugs. Some elaborate only general drug properties and common side effects. While others go for in-depth review exploring drugs […]

British Pharmacopoeia 2014 download free PDF eBook, BP 2014, BP Veterinary 2014 BP 2014 Download, Full version free Worldwide Standard; Free Download British Pharmacopoeia PDF full version. BP 2014 is an integral component of pharmaceutical industries in more than 100 countries. It is reference material for drugs manufacturing, testing as well as pharmaceutical development and […]

The muscle spasms or cramps occur when a muscle contracts or involuntarily, which becomes rigid causing pain and discomfort. Often arise at night during sleep or during and after physical exercise. Its causes can be several, from muscle fatigue, lack of minerals and vitamins in the diet to bad postures. Besides knowing treat them properly, […]

Having healthy and strong bones is essential at every stage of our life and to achieve this and prevent, to the extent possible, diseases such as osteoporosis, it is important to take care of food and include two essential nutrients, calcium and Vitamin D. Both help to keep the bones in optimum condition and ensure […]

There are many foods and natural products that have beneficial properties for the body and the human body. A good example are the lemons that in addition to providing vitamins and minerals, offers plenty of benefits to health and can be used  to alleviate some conditions. In this article we explain in more detail what […]